Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lindsey applies for Hamilton County superintendent job

What happens when communication issues cannot be resolved? Something has to give.

Have you noticed that the job of Knox County School Superintendent is a little like the job of the University of Tennessee President? It seems that it is not possible to satisfy every political nuance of the powers that be. Talk about thankless jobs. I wonder someday if the trend continues if anyone will apply for either job.

Do we do ourselves any favors by allowing this impossible atmosphere to exist where good people cannot do their jobs? A year ago many people would have been saddened by the departure of Dr. Charles Lindsey. Today there is not the same amount of support. So was this a political win for County Mayor Mike Ragsdale? Few will discuss the matter but there is some joy in Mudville tonight. There is also some sadness.

What is clear is that no one gets a gold star for playing well with others. What a poor example for the children of this community.

From the Knoxville News Sentinel:

By ERICKA MELLON, mellone@knews.com
February 28, 2006

Knox County Schools Superintendent Charles Lindsey revealed Monday he has applied for the superintendent's job in Hamilton County, but he was tight-lipped on details.

"Beyond that, it really is inappropriate for me to make any further comments," Lindsey said.

Russ Oaks, the spokesman for Knox County Schools, said further questions should be addressed to the Hamilton County school system in Chattanooga or to the Illinois-based firm handling the search: Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates Ltd.

The firm is the same one that helped bring Lindsey to Knox County in 1999.

Pat Bowers, director of communications for Hamilton County Schools, said the search firm is expected this week to give a list of the top five candidates to the district's Superintendent Search Advisory Committee.

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