Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Which future do you choose?

A week after the ground breaking study from Allstate Insurance Company that suggested that Knoxville is the fifth safest driving city in the country we now learn that are eyes have not deceived us and that the majority of motorists drive 8 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. Welcome to the wonderful world of statistics and law enforcement.

According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) 42 states have police that allow drivers to exceed the speed limits. Of course modern technology may provide an answer. Why have people enforce the law when cameras and computers can do it for you?

I am not suggesting that police have allowed a crisis to develop just so they can create a revenue producing scheme where cameras and computers do the hard work and the police departments reap huge sums of money to expand their budgets. Others have suggested this very idea but I do not think that is what happened. I think it is dangerous and unpleasant work to have to manually ticket people for speeding. Every time a policeman is injured while ticketing a speeding motorist the police department is involved in a major lawsuit. My opinion is the litigation of these injuries has discouraged the law enforcement of speeding motorists.

First the cameras for the red light runners will be implanted. Then the cameras for the speeders. Ironically the police departments we have a budget windfall. What do you think they will do with all that money? I suppose if you have a camera on every light pole outside of every house then you could really protect the public.

Just think how much fun the family barbecue will be. Your family and your brother’s family and the police department enjoying a hot Saturday evening barbecuing some St. Louis ribs and having a couple of cold ones.

When the police start putting loud speakers on the light pole we will really be safe. As the sound come over the speaker, “Winston Smith, turn down the music, the neighbors don’t like Toby Keith. You have already had two beers, that is enough. Watch those kids and put on some Shania Twain.”

Of course you could just slow down and drive the speed limit. Which future do you want?

I don't agree with many of your ideas but you are spot on about these cameras. England is now 1984. Not surprising.
Those people in Australia are using the same scam that the lottery people here used. Here is this government plan and here is where we will spend the money. So 1984 is fine if you spend the camera revenue of the kids? That is a scary article. Cameras are the wrong idea.
cameras are about the money.
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